When COVID-19 took over our lives in 2020, all social interaction fell back to video chat.  It was hard to keep in touch with everyone, but seeing a group of college friends together can always makes me smile, regardless of the situation.
On one such video call, I took a candid screen capture of a fun moment.  It was great to see everyone's happy faces, but I wanted to give my friends something more.
Using a Sibbles-style approach to creativity, I got to work customizing each of my friends' portraits.  I used Photoshop to create layer masks for each of their faces, and Adobe Fresco to illustrate a scene around them.  I wanted each square to be unique, giving the impression that we were all calling from wild and exotic locations.
The end result was really fun.  I shared my work with everyone, giving them the complete picture and their individual squares to keep.  The surprise of revisiting that moment with imaginative recreations was a huge success.
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