Back in 2003, I was living in the suburbs of Boston without a cell phone or car.  The internet was new and slow, but at least it was available.

AOL Instant Messenger was the best way for a teenager to connect. For me, AIM was a restrictive lifeline.  I thrived on that link, but wanted it to be more than text.  In a time before memes, I decided to create my own images of expression.

Sibbles was started with a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS and a tiny Wacom graphic tablet.  I used a quick-draw style on a 400x300 canvas (mostly).  Initially, each Sibble was intentionally banged out as quickly as possible.  I wanted to capture whatever wild idea came into my head before the conversation moved on.

Be warned: Some Sibbles were basically the reflexive brain child of a hormonal teenage boy.  Some of them are crass, or downright offensive, but some are sweet or beautiful in their way.  At least for me.

I made Sibbles for 7 years.  It was a wild ride and I personally grew along with the drawings.  Here it is, presented in no particular order.
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