The Adobe Seattle office was looking for ways to attract more employees to the Seattle area.  I volunteered to help the Seattle Office Committee create an office fact sheet.
Working closely with representatives for the office as a whole, we crafted a plan to display Seattle's highlights in a printable, infographic-style layout.  We wanted to tell the story of the Seattle office's incredible growth, and point out all of the amazing things available to its employees.
I started by looking for templates of infographics which fit the Seattle Office Committee needs.  We wanted something dynamic with lots of areas for different kinds of information.  Two finalists were selected.
With a couple of options for templates selected, we started building content.  I helped drive the core message we wanted to include, and provided test layouts of the copy.
Once we had seen the initial copy placed on the layouts, it became clear that we preferred the "Layered" (right) look over the "Floating" (left) look.  With that decision made, I was able to move towards final production.
I accumulated the various logos for teams in the Seattle office, and helped finalize the copy.  I also modified the chosen template to match our office colors.  Finally, I generated a QR code which will provide a link to the site's hiring portal.
This project was a great way to get to know my office even better, and to give back to the Adobe community.  In the future we may convert it into an interactive web experience, but for now it should help show why Adobe Seattle is so special.
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