While in self-isolation, with the Covid virus heavy in mind, I started seeing the CDC-recommendations everywhere. I've been spending a lot of time at home, working and listening to KEXP. One of the DJs, Marco Collins, tweeted out this image of the classic Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" album, modified for the 6-foot isolation rule.
I thought the cover modification was hilarious, so I started searching for other images I could Photoshop to be Covid-current. I found Spoon's "Kill the Moonlight", and thought immediately of the 20-second hand washing routine we were recommended to use.
Following an online tutorial for "Creating Real Looking Soap Bubbles," I made a Photoshop scatter brush that resembles soap suds.
I also found an image for a water flow, and matched the grainy style of the original album cover to blend everything together. Finally, I modified the album's text from "Kill the Moonlight" to "Kill the Virus". It's a modern mantra!
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