During my time as a Senior Developer and Team Lead at Level 11, I played an integral role in the ideation, build, delivery, and support of a Wayfinding system for Carnival Cruise Lines. This system is a key part of the OCEAN user experience aboard Carnival's Medallion-Class ships, and is known to guests as Ocean NAV.
During the conceptualization of Wayfinding, I ran a formal research study of map comprehension by working with a dedicated design team to develop functional mocks, feature trials, and UX test suites. To identify optimal solutions for the proposed designs I conducted technical explorations to discover available technologies.
In preparation for CES 2017, I developed the proof-of-concept Wayfinding Beta in web technologies such as WebGL, Node.js, and React. This demonstration was presented to members of the press and the project was mentioned in Arnold Donald's keynote address.
As the timeline moved from demonstration to production, the tech stack changed to Unity3D. At the same time, I was asked to take on the Team Lead role for Wayfinding and entrusted with its delivery.
In this new leadership position, I guided a team of 6 developers to implement, test, and deploy Wayfinding. In November 2017 the Ocean NAV project was successfully delivered to Carnival's first Medallion-Class ship. Its ability to guide guests through labyrinth-like ships and provide insight into activities has been a highlight of the OCEAN experience.
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