While on the flight home from Paris, narrowly escaping the US travel ban in response to the COVID-19 crisis, I was inspired to create a black metal logo. I had been reading the book Lords of Chaos, which details the early Norwegian black metal scene, and have long held a fascination with extreme metal logos. I thought, given the calamity and doom caused by COVID-19, COVID would make a pretty brutal metal band name.
Excitedly I jotted some notes and sketches on the plane.
Once home safely, I set to work creating the logo. I looked through the available Adobe Fonts for a font face that would provide the heavy, semi-Gothic style I was looking for. I landed on Taurunum Ferrum. After some layout and sizing work, I took the font into Adobe Fresco for some gooey rendering work.
I used Fresco's wet brushes to create a dripping, oozing sort of effect. It was gross but fun, just like black metal!
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