I joined Adobe in 2018 to further their mission of empowering creativity. I have been using Adobe products since my first computer circa 2001, so this opportunity was something of a dream job.
Within the Adobe Creative Cloud Experience group, I made components which enable collaboration between creatives and the people they create for. We used a large number of cloud infrastructure solutions, as well as web and native technologies.
It was inspiring to implement a new way of working for people who will use this software hundreds of times per day.
The sharing component enables users to find and connect with collaborators.  It establishes document-level permissions and sends notifications to collaborators.  It has address book features which make finding collaborators easy.  It also has a large variety of configuration options, allowing it to service many Adobe product needs.
The commenting component allows collaborators to discuss assets directly.  This intuitive interface supports pinning, drawing, and other annotations along with text comments.  Collaborators can be @ mentioned to notify them of discussions.  This component is also highly customizable to support many Adobe product needs.
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