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Here you will learn lots more about me, my work, and much more.

As you can see my world is very large.  If you don't believe me, just take a look at your scroll bars!  My area is especially big because I'm constantly adding new material, so be sure to check back often!

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I am an active programmer who enjoys expanding my knowledge whenever possible.  I'm also a big fan of open-source software, so I've decided to share as much of my coding work openly when I can.

This area is laid out with sub-sections of coding types.  Please use the links below to see some of what I am capable of!

Web Coding

Programming for a web-based environment is a passion of mine, something that I find extremely interesting, entertaining, and rewarding.  Here are some of the numerous projects I've completed for the web!

Connecticut College Arboretum Plant Database

A PHP/MySQL database of plants in the Connecticut College arboretum, complete with full administrative backend allowing for adding, modifying, and deleting plants.

Deal-A-Day Website Layout and Design

Fully-developed HTML and CSS layout for startup deal-a-day website

Hand-created graphics for exciting, party-like look

Connecticut College Gmail Contact Retrieval

When Connecticut College switched over to Gmail, I wrote this PHP script to access Conn's LDAP server, access the username/password of all student accounts, and add all users to Gmail's global address book for student use

Utilizes LDAP, XML, cURL, and Google API

Connecticut College Active Directory/Gmail Password Update

PHP script to update user passwords on both Active Directory (for ConnColl login purposes) and Gmail (for email access)

Utilizes LDAP and Google API

Ocean Wave Simulator in Javascript

A simulation of ocean waves crashing on a shore, for my Programming Languages course

Math functions for shore generation provide extra fun!

Humans Vs. Zombies Twitter API Integration and Administrative Upgrades

Implementation of updates to HvZ Twitter account through PHP back-end of game website

Update of administration section for more efficient game administration

Enlightenment Through Books Fund-raising Website

Functional fund-raising website for a student-run organization raising money for a school in Pakistan

HTML and CSS work, with Javascript functions for menus and Flash/Actionscript for the slideshow

In addition to these various web-based programming projects, I have also actively assisted in the administration and maintenance of Connecticut College's data network, web servers, and file servers through my work as the Student Network Administrator. This position, directly under the school's Network Administrator, John Schaeffer (jsch@conncoll.edu), has allowed me experience with Apache and server monitoring in Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Javascript Ocean Wave Simulator

Choose an option to start/alter the wave simulation:

  1. Flat shoreline
  2. Random shoreline
  3. Diagonal shoreline
  4. "Loose" cosine shoreline
  5. "Tight" cosine shoreline
  6. "Loose/Tight" cosine shoreline
  7. Exponential shoreline
  8. Tangent shoreline
  9. Pause the simulator

Note: This function will not work in Internet Explorer (HTML5 support).  Might I suggest a better browser?

Application Coding

Through my 5+ years of Computer Science education I have completed several application level programs using various programming languages.  Each of these projects not only broadened my language horizon, but also introduced me to new paradigms, methods, and concepts for advanced problem solving.

If you have any questions about my code or how anything works, please go ahead and contact me.

Hand-Coded Operating System in Java

An implementation of a mock operating system for my Operating Systems course

Integrates common OS features like multiprocessing, process execution strategies, memory management unit, and WSClock modules, and others

Flownet, an Automated Network Backup and Restore for Unix Systems

A Bash shell script for automating backup and recovery of Unix-based systems (think Mac OS X's Time Machine for Unix)

Major Distribution Word Cloud Generator in Python

An implementation of on-the-fly word cloud generation

Based on data of Connecticut College graduating majors for the last 21 years

Created for display in Connecticut College art gallery as part of Art minor show

ChatDev, a XMPP-Style Chat Protocol and Client in Python

Based on the principals of XMPP communication such as presence detection and multiple user messaging

Built from the ground-up, interacts directly with OS sockets and TCP/IP communication libraries

Works over LAN and wireless LAN connections!

Beyond these projects I have great familiarity with many aspects of general programming including multiple paradigms, a number of programming languages, extensive knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, and more.  If you need it programmed, I can figure it out!

My Resume and Experience

Through my 5+ years of IT support and programming I have experienced a wide variety of programming languages, operating systems, computer networks, problems, and solutions.  I am readily available for work in the fields of Web Development, Tech Support, Application Programming, Network Administration, and more!  I'm a quick learner, adept at finding a quick and efficient solution to even the trickiest of issues.

I'm open to all opportunities, big and small, so please have a look at my resume to see if I'm a fit for your IT solution!

If there are any questions about my experience, please feel free to contact me!

Contact Information

Want to chat?  I'm available almost 24/7 via e-mail, instant message, phone, text, carrier pigeon, or whichever method is most convenient for you! Feel free to drop me a line.