2.0 2.0 PreviewThe second version of was a major shift from version 1.0, both in its design and layout.  Pulling back from the experimental and theoretically endless expanse of pixels in 1.0, I created a minimal and almost completely image-free experience.  In the second version I also began utilizing WordPress as a content management system.

My original statement on the site is as follows:

[The site] is a design completely of my own creation. It is run on the WordPress content management system with an entirely custom set of modern HTML/CSS/PHP templates integrating the posts and sections you see above into a logical, clean layout.

While developing this site I tested several layouts before deciding that content is king. I came up with a layout that is uncompromisingly dedicated to content, which relates the sections, categories, and posts entirely through words. The only image-like items I allowed in the design are the small ASCII arrows, which offer a more immediate understanding of the site’s navigation. version 1.0 was launched on September 5, 2010 and has been reproduced here, but please note that the information there is largely out-of-date.