AM 1.0 Logo version 1.0 began as an experiment in the boundaries of web browsing. It was created as the final project of my design independent study at Connecticut College.

Here is an excerpt from my original statement about the design:

[] uses a combination of sophisticated CSS and Javascript techniques to display HTML content on a massive horizontal and vertical plane with smooth navigation features. A quick Google search will find you with posts about various sites with especially good horizontal or vertical layouts, but none which encompass both possibilities. This is where the ingenuity of my new design shines. By employing both dimensions into my page I allow for fast load times, good search engine caching, and intricate layout options. There is a multitude of modules which can be easily and quickly applied to my page, such as minimap navigation, advanced scrolling recognition applications, social networking integration, blogs, etc. The possibilities are endless, like the canvas that I’m crafting it on. version 1.0 has been reproduced here, but note that the information there is largely out-of-date and some sections have been removed.